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In our Tourist Info in Veitshöchheim, you will find many maps with interesting and useful tips for planning hiking and cycling trips:

  • Hiking and cycling map 1:50.000 Würzburg - Maindreieck
  • Hiking and cycling map 1:50.000 Fränkisches Weinland (Franconian wine country)
  • Hiking and cycling map 1:50.000 Spessart nature reserve
  • ADFC (German cycling association) map 1:75.000 Würzburg - Mainfranken
  • Fritsch Hiking map 1:50.000 Landkreis Würzburg
  • Fritsch Hiking map 1:50.000 Landkreis Main Spessart
  • Cycling map 1:100.000 Fränkisches Weinland - Liebliches Taubertal


Guided cycling tour with wine tasting Veitshöchheim – Retzbach – Veitshöchheim. On this tour along the 5 star Main cycling path, you will get to see traditional Franconian wine villages and chapels along the river Main, leading to Retzbach with its renowned pilgrimage church. Find out many interesting facts about the Franconian nature, culture and wine-growing tradition during this beautiful experience, completed by a wine tasting with regional wines on the way back.
Participants: min. 10 – 20 (over 20 participants: please enquire)
Difficulty: easy
Duration: approx. 4 hours / costs: 150 € plus 10 € p.p. for bicycle hire plus wine tasting (4 wines) 8.50 € p.p. Snacks can be provided on request.




The beautiful cycling path along the river Main passes by the village of Erlabrunn.
The route through the scenic landscape is marked well all the way from Bamberg to Mainz. The layout is particularly suitable for families with children, as for the most part it is a level and smooth tarmac path, off the busy streets.

If you prefer a more hilly terrain, you will find many opportunities away from the river Main, to explore the surroundings using one of our maps, and stay fit at the same time.



Below you will find selected examples of the many beautiful tours along the river Main and through vineyards, black pine forests and orchards.

For better orientation, we recommend using one of the maps listed above.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngErlabrunn (District of Würzburg)

Erlabrunn, beautifully located by the river Main 12 km downstream from Würzburg, is a beautiful and popular place to live, nestled against the Volkenberg, the hill on which the medieval Falkenburg castle was once located.

And the village has a lot to offer on its almost 1000 acres grounds. The vineyards are surrounded by a 450 acre nature reserve, including a unique black pine forest (120 acres) and several biotopes. The area also includes many orchards with over 14,000 fruit trees, which is why Erlabrunn was awarded the 1st prize amongst all villages in the District of Würzburg in a competition entitled "Lebensraum Obstbaum" ("Fruit tree, living environment").

Whether you like hiking or jogging, or simply want to go for a walk - you'll surely find the right trail here.

In the beautiful pine tree forest, you'll find three well-marked walking trails:

  • the "Eulen-Weg" (owls trail) (1 hour)
  • the "Fuchs-Weg" (fox trail) (2 hours)
  • the "Fichten-Weg" (spruce trail) (3 hours)


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngRetzstadt – The Village of Paths (District of Main-Spessart)

Many well-marked hiking trails invite you to explore the scenic landscape around Retzstadt. We would like to invite locals and visitors from near and far to explore forests, fields and vineyards of our beautiful region.  Besides encouraging people to be physically active, our themed paths convey fun, conviviality, knowledge, relaxation and meditation.

In the surroundings of Retzstadt, you will find wetlands, orchards, mixed forests and  limestone grounds, which provide an ideal habitat for over 20 varieties of orchids and over 100 butterfly species. This area is particularly beautiful to explore in spring and autumn. All paths are well-marked starting from the "Kelter" (Stegstraße).

info.png Brochures on the Songs Trail, the Planetary Trail and the Little Village Tour as well as flyers on the Contemplation Trail and the Wine and Nature hiking trail are available from the municipal authority. For more information, please visit the website: www.retzstadt.de

Contemplation Trail

Complete route (Retzstadt-Retzbach) 14 km, short route (Bayerntal) 8 km
A trail leading over hills and though valleys, inviting us to leave the hustle and bustle behind for a while and discover another reality which lies hidden behind our everyday life.

"Wine and Nature" hiking trail - 6 km

The countryside around Retzstadt is dominated by wine cultivation. The route between Altenberg and Langenberg offers particularly stunning views on the beauty and richness of nature. Our tip: Do not miss the gallery presenting different grape varieties!

Forest Discovery Trail - 3 km

Start: at the former Youth Hostel (direction Binsfeld, 2 km), where you'll find parking facilities and a cabin for shelter.

Over 50 panels along this trail illustrate and explain the different trees, shrubs and animals as well as types of wood usage and functions of the forest.

Planetary Trail - 6 km

Start: Direction Güntersleben, after approx. 2 km, "Sonne" (sun)
Here, hikers can travel through our solar system at several times the speed of light (scale 1:1 billion), until they reach the outermost planet. The trail then leads back to Retzstadt through the "Grün", passing by Günterslebener Kreuz (magnificent view on the Spessart hills!), "Barthelsbild" and Steigkreuz (quarry).

Songs Trail - 5 km/ 4 km (shortened)

Start at the end of the village, towards Gramschatz

"...zum Städtele hinaus" is the first of twelve stations, which invite visitors to sing traditional German folk songs while walking. The route will lead you through the renowned "Riesen" wine terroir and up to the hilltop at Kahlkreuz, where you can enjoy magnificent views over Retzstadt. Fields and forests, a quarry as well as a deer park will make the lyrics of traditional German folk songs come alive everywhere around you.

The Little Village Tour - 2 km

Start at the Town Hall

Retzstadt has plenty to offer: The church, abbey, chapel, town hall and beautiful fountains, as well as historic timber-frame houses. Not to forget more modern points of interest: Information on the municipality, fire brigade, schools, clubs and associations can be found here. – Tip: Visit the Paul May exhibition (agricultural machines and tools). Please pre-register by calling +49 (0) 9364 1724!

Fitness Trail - 2 km to 4.2 km

Different routes; start at DJK-Sportheim (sports club house) parking space, where you will find information panels with warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Outdoor physical activities (hiking, walking...) improve your overall fitness through moderate cardio training. Enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being and find new energy for body and mind!

info.png Start (unless otherwise notified): Sundays, 2 p.m. at Rathausplatz (in front of the Town Hall); free of charge, duration approx. 2 - 3 hours.

If you take part in 5 guided walks and have them written down in your "Wanderpass" (hiker's card), you will be rewarded with a special Bocksbeutel (traditional bottle of Franconian wine)!

Further hiking trails - see signs in the village

Hiking trail "Rotes Kreuz" (Red Cross) Retzbach 5 km

Hiking trail "Rotes Kreuz" (Red Cross) to guest house "Einsiedel" and Walderlebniszentrum (Forest Discovery Centre) Gramschatzer Wald 7 km

  • Cycle path and hiking trail Retzbach 5 km
  • Cycle path and hiking trail Thüngen 7 km
  • Cycle path and hiking trail Binsfeld 7 km
  • Cycle path and hiking trail Güntersleben 7 km
  • Cycle path and hiking trail Thüngersheim via Breitfeld (magnificent view on Spessart hills!) 5 km


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngThüngersheim (District of Würzburg)

Hiking trails marked with signs:

St. Michael's trail 6.2 km, 2 hours

St. Michael's trail starts at the Town Hall and leads via Schulstraße to Flutgraben. The path leads through Rotlauftal gently ascending into the vineyards. Having reached the highest point, you will be rewarded with magnificent views over Thüngersheim and the Main valley. From here, St. Michael's trail follows the uppermost vineyard path, passing the barbecue lodge and St. Michael's shrine, then leads back down into the valley and finishes at the Town Hall.
Difficulty: First third slowly ascending

Panoramic trail 7.3 km, 2 – 2.5 hours

The panoramic trail starts at the Town Hall, leads through Würzburger Tor, then turns left along Friedhofstraße and towards the wayside shrine at Flutgraben. It continues in the valley along the Sommerhöllsquelle stream until the paths diverge in the woods at the valley end. Here, the path takes a left and emerges from the woods, slightly ascending (beautiful view over the Main valley), then follows the upper vineyard path around Fischberg and towards Hönigsbergstraße. From here, 200 m downwards in the direction of Thüngersheim, until the natural monument "Rotes Loch", and then to the right along a rural road leading to the valley head. From here, return through Rotlauftal to the Town Hall.
Difficulty: First part gently ascending.

Panoramic trail 7 km, 2 – 2.5 hours

This trails starts from Town Hall to the shrine at Flutgraben (same as Path 2), but then continues straight on until the shelter cabin. There, it turns right, and after 100 m turns left towards the forest. Follow this path until Günterslebener Straße. Cross this road and carry on until the barrier at Höhfeldplatte, enjoying stunning panoramic views over the Main valley. Here, you can choose whether you want to take the Orchid Trail or the Höhfeldplatte round path. The trail continues in Northern direction to the parking space Günterslebener Straße, passing a hunting cabin and the Etzburg ruin (100 m), via blue dot back to the Town Hall.
Difficulty: First half gently ascending. Level from Höhfeldplatte to Etzburg, then short descent.

Mainaue trail 6.2 km, 2 hours

The Mainaue trail leads from the Town Hall straight through Würzburger Tor, via Veitshöchheimer Straße and Günterslebener Straße on the left up to the vineyards and the "Kelter". From here, it continues through the vineyards at the Bavarian institute for horticulture and viniculture, leading to Studelweg. There, it turns right and leads over the railroad bridge on the right, past the commercial area, leading to the pump house, and then to the river Main (former ferry landing place). From here, walk back to Thüngersheim (Town Hall) in pleasant half-shade along Treidelpfad.
Difficulty: First half surfaced vineyard paths, second half field paths, can be muddy in bad weather conditions; entire route level

Höhenweg (high trail) 10 km, 2.5 – 3 hours

Starting at the Town Hall, follow the same paths as Trail 2 until paths diverge in the woods, then take the gently ascending valley path towards the wind turbines until the Main cycling path (M). Then follow connecting path towards Retzstadt on left hand side. After approx. 100 m, leave M-path to the right and over the top, passing the model airfield and leading to Breitfeldhöhe (387 m). Here, you can enjoy magnificent views over the hills of Steigerwald, Spessart and even Rhön, to Kreuzberg, the "holy mountain of Franconia". The trail leads back to the M-path in a long left bend, and then to the wayside shrine ("The carrier of the cross"). Here, it turns towards the valley and leads towards the vineyard path through the hedge. From here, the trail leads back in a Northern direction to St. Michael's shrine and then to the townhall.
Difficulty: First part of the trail gently ascending, two thirds field and forest paths.

 info.png A map of the village and hiking trails is available from the municipal authority.
Phone: +49 (0) 93 64 / 81 35 - 0