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Guided Tours

We offer a diverse range of guided tours for you to choose from:

Guided Tour "Hofgarten"

This extensive park - often referred to as Europe's most beautiful Rococo garden - attracts visitors with its serene and charming "court society in stone". These statues, made by renowned sculptors from Würzburg, create the impression of a never-ending garden party.

Besides the numerous sculptures, the castle garden also offers many other interesting pieces of art, including two Chinese stone pavilions and the "Schneckenhaus" (snail house with shell covering), dating back to the late 18th century.

Duration: approx. 1 hour / costs: 50,- € / foreign language: 55,- €

*Maximum group size: 35 visitors per tour guide.



Guided Tour "Hofgarten" plus historic village

Visit the Points of Interest in the historic village, in addition to the guided tour through the Hofgarten.

Duration: approx. 2 hours / costs: 83,- € / foreign language: 89,- €

*Maximum group size: 35 visitors per tour guide.



Guided Tour "Hofgarten" for individual visitors

Visitors who would like to explore the Hofgarten on their own can do so with an audio guide.

Duration: Up to 90 minutes (flexible); costs: 2,- € per person. (available also in English).

The castle also hosts a permanent exhibition on the history of the Hofgarten, entitled "Es kommen immer mehr Leit aus Würzburg und Frembde hierher …“ ("More and more people from Würzburg and elsewhere come here"). The price for the audio guide tour includes a visit to the rooms on the ground floor of the castle.


Guided Tour through the castle

Visit the summer residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg with partly preserved original 18th century interior, as well as a permanent exhibition on the history of the adjacent castle garden.

Opening hours: 1 April to 15 October daily (except Mondays) 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Guided tours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the hour.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes / costs:  4.50 € per person.

*reduced price for groups of 15 people or more: 3.50 €  per person (only pre-booked)
*free entry for children under 18.



Museum of Jewish Culture and Synagogue Veitshöchheim

Fully restored baroque synagogue dating back to 1730 and museum of Jewish history and culture in Lower Franconia.

Opening hours: Thu 3 - 6 p.m., Sun 2 - 5 p.m., plus special visiting hours for groups (pre-booked)

Admission fees 2,- € / groups of 15 people or more: 1,- € / guided tours: 30,- € plus admission fee (on demand)



„Tales of a day and night guard“

Discover this new way of learning interesting and entertaining facts about Veitshöchheim: Klaus Körber is an area manager at Bayerische Landesanstalt Veitshöchheim, a regular guest of the gardening TV programme "Querbeet" presented by Bayerischer Rundfunk, writer for the "Erlabrunner Narreköpf" carnival association, and a long-standing citizen of Franconia. With this unique programme, he is sure to captivate his audience from the first to the last moment! The „day and night guard of Veitshöchheim“ is a rather modest example of his profession, compared to his colleagues from bigger cities. Shirt-sleeved, whimsical, simple-minded, yet not lacking wisdom, he describes the essence of Veitshöchheim and its people in facts and stories, at times jovial, at times reflective. The town chronicles serve as the central thread, to which he adds numerous personal impressions, assumptions and experiences. His main aim is to be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Duration: 1.5 hours / costs: 60,- € per group.

Please note that this offer is currently only available in German language.



Guided Tour in Würzburg

Duration: approx. 2 hour / costs:  83,- € / each additional hour 26,- €.

*Maximum group size: 35 visitors per tour guide.



Guided Vineyard Walk

Learn interesting facts about winegrowing in Franconia from our experts!

Duration: approx. 2 hour / costs: 70,- €



Guided cycling tour with wine tasting

Veitshöchheim – Retzbach – Veitshöchheim. On this tour along the 5 star Main cycling path, you will get to see traditional Franconian wine villages and chapels along the river Main, leading to Retzbach with its renowned pilgrimage church. Find out many interesting facts about the Franconian nature, culture and wine-growing tradition during this beautiful experience, completed by a wine tasting with regional wines on the way back.
Participants: min. 10 – 20 (over 20 participants: please enquire)
Difficulty: easy
Duration: approx. 4 hours / costs: 150,- € plus 10,- € p.p. for bicycle hire plus wine tasting (4 wines) 8.50 € p.p. Snacks can be provided on request.



Guided Tour through the picturesque wine village of Thüngersheim

approx. 1 - 1,5 hour / costs: 53,- €

A picnic in the vineyards can be provided on request



Vineyard Experience Walk "Five Senses": Nature, Wine and Well-being in Thüngersheim

Learn interesting facts about the work of the Franconian winegrowers and "their" vines on a scenic walk through the vineyards, woodlands and the Orchideenpfad (Orchid trail). Medicinal herbs growing by the wayside tell their stories...
Explore the secrets of nature and the enchanting landscape around Thüngersheim!

Short tour (without Orchideenpfad): approx. 1,5 - 2 hour / costs: 58,- €

Long tour: 2.5 - 3 hours / costs: 78,- €

Snack: 5.50 € p.p.
Meeting point: Weingut Hart, Thüngersheim



Guided Tour "Herbs and Orchids"

through the nature reserve Höhfeldplatte near Thüngersheim.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hour / costs: 50,- € / (maximum 30 people)

Snack: Cream cheese/ ham sandwich or cheese sticks 1 wine 5,- € p.p.

Meeting point: Weingut Schwab, Thüngersheim



Cheese & Wine Seminar (minimum 25 people)

including tasting of local cheese and wine (4 per person)

Duration: approx. 3 hours/ costs: 25,- € p.p.

Meeting point: Weingut Schwab, Thüngersheim



In addition to that, we also organise individual day trips through the "Franconian Wine Region" for our visitors.