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Locations in Würzburger Land

The "Würzburger Land" region is located downstream along the river Main, passing by the villages of Zell am Main, Veitshöchheim, Margetshöchheim, Erlabrunn, Leinach, Thüngersheim, Zellingen, Retzbach and Retzstadt. Many of these places owe their particular culture and reputation to the internationally renowned Franconian wine, growing here thanks to the sunny climate in the Main valley.

However, it's not only the wine culture that attracts people to this beautiful region, but also the charm of the Franconian villages with their quirky little alleys and traditional timber-frame ("Fachwerk") houses, now restored with loving attention to detail.

Each of the villages has its unique character, its cultural or natural highlights. And as all of these are treasured and presented proudly by the locals, our guests will find many exciting ways to explore them. Come and discover our Würzburger Land!

Erlabrunn (District of Würzburg)
Margetshöchheim (District of Würzburg)
Retzstadt (District of Main-Spessart)
Thüngersheim (District of Würzburg)
Veitshöchheim (District of Würzburg)
Zellingen/Retzbach (District of Main-Spessart)


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngErlabrunn (District of Würzburg)

Ort_Erlabrunn01_250.jpgErlabrunn, beautifully located by the river Main 12 km downstream from Würzburg, is a pleasure to visit at any time of the year. With just about 1600 inhabitants, Erlabrunn is one of the smaller municipalities in the district of Würzburg.

Picturesque little alleyways, traditional timber-frame houses and many charming hidden spots are waiting to be discovered by visitors.

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Every visitor will surely find something that suits their taste: sophisticated hotels, traditional pubs, relaxed beer gardens or the authentic "Häckerwirtschaften", in which winegrowers serve their own wines only at a specific time of the year.

And Erlabrunn has a lot more to offer on its almost 1000 acres grounds: The vineyards are surrounded by a 450 acre nature reserve, including a unique black pine forest (120 acres) and several biotopes. In the middle of the nature reserves lies the Maria Hilf chapel on Volkenberg, from which you can enjoy beautiful views on the surroundings. Each year at the beginning of September, there are plenty of well-organised walks through the vineyards. The area also includes many orchards with over 14,000 fruit trees.

And in addition to all of that, Erlabrunn also has two large swimming lakes with a surface of about 17 acres, which in summer attract many visitors from near and far.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngMargetshöchheim (District of Würzburg)

Ort_Margetshöchheim01.jpgMargetshöchheim used to be called "the garden village by the river Main". Today, thanks to its many blossoming fruit trees and hedges with sweet berries, it still stands out as a colourful spot in this scenic river valley.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngRetzstadt (District of Main-Spessart)

Ort_Retzstadt01_250x.jpgThe historic village, dating back 1200 years, is situated in a picturesque valley basin, surrounded by vineyards and gently sloping hills covered in grass- and woodlands. Points of Interest in Retzstadt are the historic timber-frame buildings such as the "Haus von Hoeren", the town hall square and monastery with Romanesque porch, as well as the St. Andreas parish church. The village church was consecrated in 1730. The bell tower with Romanesque elements is part of an older church complex. Come and explore the fountains and squares, historic streets and alleyways, as well as a small museum, on a walking tour through the village!

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Retzstadt is particularly well-known for its themed and well signposted hiking paths, arranged all around the village in the shape of a cloverleaf: "Wine and Nature" hiking path (vineyard cabin with panoramic views, different grape varieties and a "wall of natural history"), Forest hiking path, Path of Songs, Planetary path, Contemplation path, Little village tour, Fitness path.

The wine festival in the streets of the village attracts many visitors from near and far each year on the 3rd weekend of August; followed by a second indoors wine festival on the 3rd weekend of September. Further village highlights include guided vineyard walks, "Heckenwirtschaften" (where local wine growers serve their own wines in an authentic atmosphere only at specific times of the year), tennis and other sports grounds, a bowling alley and horse riding stables.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngThüngersheim (District of Würzburg)

Ort_Thuengersheim03_250x.jpgThüngersheim, situated 12 km north of Würzburg, is one of the most important wine-producing villages in Franconia. Numerous awards show the high quality of the wines produced here, using experience, know-how as well as modern technology.

Thüngersheim has a long history as a wine village, dating back to the 6th century. The first written record of the village is from the year 1098. It was originally surrounded by a wall and a moat. Three of the four gate houses, which were once a part of this village fortification, are still in good condition.

Picturesque little alleyways and medieval houses dominate the picture of the village. Another highlight is the church with its extraordinary pulpit and paintings by the renowned artists' family Urlaub. If you go for a walk in and around the village, you will find many statues and shrines of the Virgin Mary. 

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There are plenty of ways to experience Franconian wine culture in Thüngersheim: at wine tastings, the annual wine festival in the streets of the village, the traditional "Letzte Fuhre" (the celebration at the end of the grape harvest) or on the Wine Trail with interesting information on 16 different grape varieties. Having climbed the tops of hills and vineyards, hikers will be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views, or in the case of the Höhfeldplatte, the discovery of the very special Orchids' Trail. Besides the natural highlights, Thüngersheim also has many attractive sports and leisure activities to offer, e.g. a heated open air pool.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngVeitshöchheim (District of Würzburg)

Ort_Veitshoechheim01_250.jpgVeitshöchheim, situated 7km north of Würzburg, is worth a visit for its enchanting and serene character.

The river Main, churches, chapels, the castle and castle garden ("Hofgarten") and all the historic houses and alleyways form a unique picture framed by the scenic landscape.

Veitshöchheim became famous because of its castle being the summer residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg. The extensive park created in the 18th century attracts visitors with a multitude of sculptures, access balconies, hedge cabinets and fountains. The castle was first built in 1681 and later expanded under the famous architect Balthasar Neumann.

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Besides that, Veitshöchheim is also famous for being a stronghold of the traditional Franconian Carnival ("Fastnacht"). Each year at carnival time, the popular TV programme "Fastnacht in Franken" is broadcast live from the Mainfrankensäle.

During the rest of the year, Veitshöchheim offers an interesting leisure programme including cultural highlights like concerts, art exhibitions and readings, as well as physical activities, e.g. one of the most beautiful open air pools of the region.


Ein_Herzstueck_Frankens.pngZellingen/Retzbach (District of Main-Spessart)

Ort_ZellingenRetzbach01.jpgNestled in the Main valley, 17 km downstream from Würzburg, are the villages Zellingen and Retzbach on opposite sides of the river. Both are easily accessible via the B27 state road and via train.

Retzbach has become famous for its excellent wine terroir "Retzbacher Benediktusberg" as well as its church "Maria im Grünen Tal", a popular pilgrims' destination, and the parish church designed by Balthasar Neumann.
Zellingen, on the other hand, is dominated by the iconic tower from the 16th century with its impressive Baroque style roof.  Through the gateway in the tower, you enter the historic and lively centre, which gives Zellingen the ambience of a small town rather than a village.

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There are plenty of offers for leisure activities: Directly next to the idyllic camp site by the river, you'll find a heated open air pool. And in the near surroundings, you can enjoy fishing, horse riding, hiking and different kinds of water sports. Thanks to its central location directly by the cycling path along the river Main, Markt Zellingen is ideal for cycling, hiking and other tours through the beautiful surroundings.

And after a long, active day, you can relax and recharge in one of the many restaurants, pubs, traditional wine cellars, beer gardens or "Heckenwirtschaften" (where local wine growers serve their own wines in an authentic atmosphere only at specific times of the year.) Many village fetes, such as the street wine festival held by the local wine growers' association in early July, and busy markets add to the attractive and active image of this place.